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4 Litte Paws Pet Care

"Hi, I am Lauren, founder of 4 Little Paws, a small family run pet care service based just outside Calow, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire (previously based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire). I started this as a business enterprise but also because I am passionate about animal welfare and found that there were very limited pet care services for small animals. I have always had an interest in animal welfare, which is reflected in my lifelong commitment to being a vegetarian and now vegan.  

"Over the last 18 years I have undertaken voluntary work for various animal charities including Sheffield Cats Shelter, RSPCA Sheffield and Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity.  I am a member of and volunteer for the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF), helping to promote rabbit welfare. I've acted as an "Online Pet Advertising PAAG Volunteer Moderator", helping to ensure classified adverts meet the PAAG (Pet Advertising Advisory Group) minimum standards

"I am committed to providing a first class pet care service and to achieving this goal through my experience, skills and qualifications. I have recently undertaken a degree in animal science at Nottingham Trent University and this has given me a thorough understanding of animal welfare, including housing and nutritional requirements. I have also gained practical skills through my voluntary work and by placements at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. 

My qualifications include:

  • HNC in Business and Management
  • Certificate in Animal First Aid
  • FdSc Animal Science (Nottingham Trent University). I received a First, and the 'Cantrol Award for Applied Animal Science' for the highest grade in the course. 

Lauren at her FdSc Graduation Lauren & her husband Nick on her FdSc Graduation day

"I grew up with lots of family pets including dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, rats and rabbits so my family is very much involved in the care of animals and are a valuable part of the 4 Little Paws service. I still have my own pets - 5 cats and 8 rabbits. My 8 bunnies are quad "Chamomile", "Peppermint", "Parsley" and "Rosemary"' and trio "Walnut" (aka "Nutty"), "Hazel" and "Bramble", and batchelor "Patrick Star (aka "Paddy") who is looking for a wifeybun currently, all rescued from poor conditions or adopted from animal charities.  They have the special job of testing out all the rabbit toys and treats, and those meeting their approval are used by 4 Little Paws!

"I would like to urge anyone thinking of getting a new pet, to consider their local animal rescue centres before heading to a shop or breeder.  Did you know there are over 67,000 rabbits going into rescue centres, UK wide every year and are waiting for a home?! (Source: RWAF, 2012) So, Please don't breed and don't buy - adopt! 4 Little Paws is 100% pro rescue and does not support breeding or selling of pets, because the numbers of animals waiting for homes in rescue centres nationwide is so high.  At 4 Little Paws we help one of our local rescues (Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity) by fostering rabbits and bonding rabbits.

Through 4 Little Paws I hope to raise the profile of little pets and to raise awareness about correct care and welfare." 

Lauren Kirk (nee Booth) FdSc, HNC

Pet Care:

4 Little Paws provide holiday care serivces for little pets.  We have a small pet boarding centre based near Calow, Chesterfield, providing luxury boarding for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, degus and chinchillas.  To find out more about these and our other pet care services click here.

We are fully insured by Cliverton with a specialist pet care policy, covering us for: liability to animals in our care, custody or control, public liability, product liability, and transportation. 

We use our experience, qualifications and knowledge to provide the highest standard of care, and comply with all the relevant welfare and care guidelines and The Animal Welfare Act (2006). 

Because we are so passionate about animal welfare, we also foster rabbits, to help our local resuce Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity. To find out about our rescue and rehoming work, visit our foster rabbit and rabbit bonding pages.

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Here's a photo of some of 4 Little Paws' pets:

4 Little Paws pet collage

Lauren's 7 rabbits