Guinea Pig Boarding

OUTDOOR BOARDING (available April to September only*):

At our tranquil woodland home, guinea pigs stay outdoors in either a 3ft x 4ft timber playhouse, or 6ft x 2ft secure hutches. They will be kept separately from other boarding groups at all times. We will provide your guinea pig with plenty of fresh local meadow hay, topped up throughout the day. We also provide a daily portion of fresh herbs and vegetables or forage (pellets must be provided by the owner to avoid digestive upsets caused by a change in food).  Toys, litter trays, water bowls and bedding are all provided as standard.

Guinea Pig Playhouse



We will give your little pet daily observational health checks, and monitor their behaviour and food and water intake to ensure they remain happy and healthy whilst in our care. We clean all our accommodation and equipment with Ark-Klens & Ani-Gene disinfectants (leading high strength veterinary disinfectants). In addition they are also steam cleaned.  We can provide additional services such as basic grooming and claw clipping if required.

Outdoor guinea pig hutches and playhouse are lined with vinyl flooring, this means they can be completely disinfected between customers and kept clean whilst in use.  Whilst it would be nice for the runs to be on grass, it would not be hygienic in a boarding situation (as grass and soil cannot be washed or disinfected) and we prefer this method to ensure your pet's health and safety.

Guinea pig


We understand how much your little pet means to you and can send regular updates by email, Facebook or text, so you’ve no need to worry whilst you are away.  We can offer single night stays through to long term boarding

All our guests are monitored regularly during their stay with us, and  guinea pigs are fed twice a day with pellets and fresh vegetables and their hay and water is kept topped up throughout the day.  Their accommodation is kept comfortable and clean.

Lauren is at home with the animals all day (apart from trips to fetch hay, veggies or take rubbish to the tip!), so she is there to provide care and attention throughout the day and evening. Because the boarding centre is based at Lauren's home, you can have the added peace of mind that there will always be someone there round the clock, should any emergencies arise. 

If you would like to enquire about our pet boarding service, check availability, arrange a visit or make a booking, you can use the contact form to send an email here.

Drop off and collection times - by appointment only between:

Mon - Sat: 9-11 am & 4-6 pm (closed Sundays). (It may be possible to accommodate you at different times, subject to an additional charge). 

*Please note, it is not recommended to keep guinea pigs outside when the temperature may fall below 10C, so we only offer outdoor boarding for them from April until September.  See Guinea Pig Welfare's advice page for more information about winter care for guinea pigs: *