Rabbit Boarding

Introducing our luxury outdoor accommodation for boarding rabbits!  We have 7 rabbit cabins installed at our home in a peaceful little woodland hamlet called Sutton Spring Wood, Calow (near Chesterfield in North East Derbyshire).

Rabbit cabins

Our unique rabbit cabins are 10ft (3m) long and feature an bedroom area and a run area.  The 'bedroom' part is a 4ft x 4ft (1.22m x 1.22m) area where the rabbits' bed will be, a door leads through to the run area which is 6ft (1.83m) long.  The run area has meshed front windows, which are covered with clear polycarbonate sheets during the colder months to protect from rain and wind.  The rabbit can choose which area to be in and has access to the whole 10ft area 24 hours a day.

The cabins area painted with animal safe paint and lined with cushioned vinyl flooring, to ensure they are safe and hygienic and can be fully disinfected and steam cleaned between guests. 

Inside the outside part of the rabbit cabin

Each boarding group has their own individual 10ft cabin. They are constructed from high quality timber, and include heavy duty galvanised mesh.

Here's one of our guests enjoying playtime in the cabin:

Leia enjoying the rabbit cabin run area

We believe we are the only rabbit boarding establishment in the region to offer 10ft (3m) rabbit accommodation and with 24 hour access to an exercise area. 

Our rabbit boarding service includes the following as standard:

  • personal attention and care from a qualified and experienced rabbit carer
  • daily visual health checks 
  • updates via your choice of email, text or Facebook
  • unlimited fresh local meadow hay 
  • fresh water in a ceraminc bowl (providing a hygienic and more natural way to drink compared to plastic dripper bottles) changed at least twice daily
  • large, secure and hygienic accommodation
  • access to a 'rabbit savvy' vet if required
  • complimentary grooming and nail clipping (if requested / required)
  • advice and information on rabbit care, nutrition and welfare
  • SnuggleSafe heat pads in freezing temperatures, and ice pods in hot temperatures
  • a portion of healthy leafy green vegetables, herbs and / or forage daily
  • litter trays, some bedding and toys

We will give your rabbit/s daily observational health checks, and monitor their behaviour and food and water intake to ensure they remain happy and healthy whilst in our care. All rabbits must have up to date vaccinations; Nobivac for myxomatosis and VHD (aka RHD), as well as Filavac for RHD2**.  We clean all our cabins and equipment with Ark-Klens & Ani-Gene disinfectants (leading high strength veterinary disinfectants) as recommended by the RWAF. In addition they are also steam cleaned.  We can provide additional services such as grooming and claw clipping if required.

Whilst it would be nice for the runs to be on grass, it would not be hygienic in a boarding situation (as grass and soil cannot be effectively washed or disinfected, and there would be be a disease and parasite risk) and we prefer this method to ensure your pet's health and safety. 

NB **As you may already know a new variant of RHD (rabbit haemorrhagic disease) known as RHD2 has been found in pet rabbits in the UK. The current combination vaccine Nobivac only covers RHD (1) and myxomatosis. A new vaccine called Filavac for RHD2 is available in vets here, and is having to be imported.  Here's some further information on the disease, from Frances Harcourt Brown, who was, until she retired last month, the only RCVS rabbit specialist vet in the country: 

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