Getting A New Rabbit

Thinking of Getting a New Rabbit?

4 Little Paws supports rescue adoption rather than buying from pet shops or breeders. This is because the latest figures from RWAF (2012) suggest that there are at least 67,000 rabbits going into rescues all over the UK every year, and we feel that by pet shops and breeders continuing to sell rabbits, this number will only get worse.

Things to think about:

  • Rabbits can live up to 12 years
  • They need a carefully balanced diet of quality hay, mono-component pellets (not muesli) and healthy green leafy vegetables, herbs and wild foods.
  • They need accommodation of at least 6ft x 2ft x 2ft with permanent access to an exercise area no smaller than 8ft x 4ft x 3ft.
  • In summer they need regular checks to ensure they do not fall victim to fly strike, and in winter they need regular checks to ensure they are warm and dry and their water isn’t frozen.
  • Rabbits should not live alone, they should live in neutered pairs or groups. Unneutered rabbits can be very aggressive.
  • Rabbits need yearly vaccinations for myxomatosis and VHD.
  • Adopting a rabbit from a reputable rescue will cost around £50 and will include neutering, vaccinations, health checks and back up support for life.  A pet shop rabbit may cost around £15, but will not cover neutering and vaccinations, meaning a total spend of well over £100 at the vets, with no support should anything go wrong or circumstances change.

Please read the information in these links to ensure you are aware of the commitment rabbit ownership involves: