Rabbit Welfare Info


Rabbit Care Leaflet by Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) "Hop to It":

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Hop To It rabbit care leaflet

These great videos by Camp Nibble Rabbit and Rodent Rescue (Leeds) explain some of the main welfare issues and give ideas how to make it better for your rabbits:

Give Your Rabbits A Life Worth Living:

Everybunny Needs Some Bunny:

Rabbits need the company of a least one other neutered rabbit.  They are highly social creatures who live in groups in the wild, and play, eat and groom together. Click here to find out about our rabbit bonding service, if you'd like help to introduce your rabbit to a friend. 


Something Has to Change:

Rabbits are the most neglected and cruely treated pets in the UK, despite being the third most popular pet.  This is mainly due to owners not understanding their needs, and poor advice from pet shops and breeders. 


These videos are by the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund:

A Hutch is Not Enough:

This video shows why a hutch is not enough - they need space, a safe run, toys and a partner, as well as a healthy diet of hay, pellets and leaft green vegetables.


If I Were A Rabbit:

How a rabbit would like to live.


Interview with Rabbit Welfare Vet Advisor Richard Saunders:

Some welfare advice from the RWAF vet.


Some videos by Happy Hoppers:

Why a Hutch is Not Enough:

An informative little film explaining why a hutch is not enough, by rabbit expert Anne McBride.