Introducing our 'Rabbit Cabins' for boarding rabbits!


February 2014 marks 2 wonderful years since we launched our small pet care service, and we’d like to mark the occasion by proudly announcing the installation of our fab new purpose built rabbit boarding cabins! 

At 4 Little Paws we aim to offer the best pet care service in the region, and have gone a step further by upgrading our rabbit boarding accommodation for 2014.  Our existing lodge, hutches and runs are being phased out and replaced with 4 x 10ft rabbit cabins.  We already have 2 cabins in place, and will be installing the final 2 cabins in time for the Easter holidays.  Our long term plans include moving to a place with more land, so we can install even more 

cabins and add indoor boarding for rabbits to our services. 

One of our Rabbit Cabins

The cabins are fully roofed and built from high quality timber. They are 10ft (3m) long and feature an 'indoor' sleeping area and an 'outdoor' run area, giving a total area of 40 square feet (3.7m²)  The 'indoor' part is a 4ft x 4ft (1.22m x 1.22m) area where the rabbits' bed will be, with a door leading through to the 'outdoor' run area which is 6ft (1.83m) long.  The 'outdoor' run area has a full roof and meshed front, which is covered with clear polycarbonate sheeting during the colder months to protect from rain and wind.  The rabbit can choose which area to be in and has access to the run area 24 hours a day.  This means at the times when a rabbit would naturally be most active (dawn and dusk) they have access to space to hop and play safely. 

The 'outdoor' part of the cabin

The cabins area painted with animal safe paint and lined with lino, to ensure they are safe and hygienic and can be fully cleaned and disinfected between customers. 

To ensure the safety and security of your much loved friends the cabins are kept padlocked at all times, and each boarding group has their own individual cabin. They are constructed from high quality timber, and include heavy duty galvanised mesh.

The added benefit for the rabbits, is once they have arrived they stay in their cabin 24/7 until their holiday ends - so there will be no need to catch them to put them back in their hutch at night, or catch them in a morning to put them out in their run.  This means the rabbits should enjoy a nice stress-free, relaxing holiday here. 

Leia the giant bunny enjoying the cabin on her recent holiday here. 

Our high standards of care will be maintained, including daily visual health checks and monitoring, personal attention, unlimited meadow hay, healthy green veggies and herbs and regular cleaning…. 

We believe we are the only rabbit boarding establishment in the region to offer 10ft (3m) rabbit accommodation and with 24 hour access to an exercise area. 

We have increased our boarding prices to reflect the increased size and quality of accommodation.

4 Little Paws offers a range of specialist small pet care services including:

  • small pet boarding
  • pet taxi
  • pet accommodation deep clean