animal rescues

Don't breed, don't buy - adopt!

I had a look at Save A Fluff's great website the other day, and was very distressed to learn just how many rabbits were in rescues in the UK. It is a staggering 33,000!  I knew the problem was bad, but I hadn't realised the numbers were so high!  

As a result I feel like I should try to do something to spread the word, and try and encourage people not to head for breeders and pet shops to buy their next pet, but to head for their local rescue instead.  This goes for all pets, not just rabbits.  There are so many animals in shelters up and down the country that no-one should be breeding more animals as pets.
I was also horrified to see that there were over 230 animals in the South Yorkshire section of Gumtree's pets for sale section alone! I daren't think of where some of these animals may end up. Add that to other similar sites and forums up and down the country and the picture is looking pretty bleak. 

Most pet shops are focussed on making a sale, not on finding to most suitable home for the animal, or ensuring that new owners understand the costs and commitment involved.  All good rescue centres will ensure that the animal goes to the right home, and that the potential new owners understand their obligations and the reality of pet ownership, which should reduce the likelihood that the animal will be abandoned in the future.  Most rescues also neuter and vaccinate the animals (if relevant) too. 

Save A Fluff use their wonderful website to link rescues around the country, and list rabbits in need of homes.

There are many animal rescues all over the country, dealing with all pets from dogs to exotics to farm animals.  There are some large well known charities, such as Dogs Trust, Cats Protection, RSPCA and The Blue Cross and thousands of small independent rescues all full of animals waiting to find a new home.

Please encourage everyone you know, not to go to a pet shop when they want a new pet, but to get in touch with their local rescues first.

More posts to follow, as I look for more ways to get involved with this cause.