Long term boarder Thomas, tucking into some freshly picked grass

Long term boarder Thomas, tucking into some freshly picked grass

Long Term Rabbit Boarding 

Based in a tranquil, woodland location in Derbyshire, we offer long term rabbit boarding, alongside our short term holiday care, in our unique luxury 10ft x 4ft timber cabins.

We can care for your rabbit/s whilst you have to work away, stay in hospital or recuperate, go to university, go travelling, relocate, live in rented accommodation etc...

Your precious pet will be cared for as if he or she were one of our own. We are experienced rabbit owners, have boarded rabbits since 2012, and Lauren (the owner) has undertaken additional study to help us provide the highest level of care. Visit our About Us section to find out more.

Our timber rabbit cabins are 10ft (3m) long, and have strong, meshed front windows, which are covered with clear polycarbonate sheets during the colder months to protect from rain, wind and cold. The rabbit/s has access to the whole 10ft area 24 hours a day, meaning they can snooze, play, munch or hop about whenever they choose. 

The cabins area painted with animal safe paint and lined with cushioned vinyl flooring, to ensure they are safe and hygienic and can be fully disinfected and steam cleaned between guests.

For long term boarding  we can tailor a package to suit your needs, and the price can include:

  • Supreme Science Selective or Burgess Excel pellets
  • Unlimited local meadow hay 
  • A portion of healthy greens, herbs and / or forage daily
  • A trip to the vet for Myxomatosis and RHD, and RHD2 vaccine boosters and health check 
  • Toys, litter trays, bowls, bedding, blankets
  • Plenty of TLC, and daily visual health checks
  • Regular updates and photographs 
  • SnuggleSafe heat pads in freezing temperatures, and ice pods in hot temperatures

A trip to a rabbit savvy vet in the event of any illness / injury, will be at extra cost, but will be done immediately as required. 

We are within easy reach of the M1 motorway using either J29 or J29A, making us an ideal choice for customers in the East Midlands and Yorkshire, as well as further afield. We also offer a Pet Taxi service, so could arrange to meet you enroute, or collect your rabbit/s from home. 

Please contact us to find out more.

One of our  10ft rabbit cabins.

One of our  10ft rabbit cabins.